o develop a knowledge base of the unrecorded history of student movements, the Ghadar Collective invites activists at university campuses to submit articles of on-going struggles connected to university campuses. These articles do not have to be exclusive to, but hopefully in some way reflect the impact of activism to South Asians, South Asian Americans and people of color. This space is offered as a forum to educate and update readers of Ghadar and to offer potential avenues of involvement through, for example, on-line petitions, letter writing, and on-line references to track the information discussed. We hope that this will serve as a device to create a dialogue about campus activism in terms of comparative experience and the exchange of various tactics and strategies. That said, historians of the movement send in your notes, thoughts, and reflections!


Send all information to ghadar2004@yahoo.com


First published in Ghadar [http://ghadar.insaf.net]