A Call to Arms

The Politics of 'Free Speech'
Putting Academic Freedom and Pedagogy in Context
The Persecution of Ward Churchill
Columbia Undone: The Anatomy of a Controversy
Zionism vs. Intellectual and Political Freedom on American College Campuses
Hindutva and the Politics of "Free Speech"
US Universities Cozy Up to the Sangh
Taking it to the Street
A MODIfied Affair
Domestic Elites - Neoliberal Goondas on a Rampage
Challenging Corporate Callousness and State Indifference: The Ongoing Struggle for Justice in Bhopal!
Campus Activism
People of Color and the Need for Solidarity: Bridging the Divide
Resisting the "Chief"
Call for Submissions

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Youth Solidarity Summer
New York: August 2005
Organizing Youth (OY!)
San Fransisco, August 2005
RadDesi Summer
Austin, June 2005
Students for Bhopal

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Ali Mir manages to hold on to a day job as an academic where he teaches courses on information technology. His scattered resume includes pieces of writing on migration, eCommerce, international divisions of labor, and progressive Urdu poetry.


Biju Mathew Biju Mathew is an organizer for the New York Taxi Workers Alliance and a contributor to the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate.


Chi-ming Yang is a professor of English literature who now lives and teaches in New York City.  Over the years, she has been active in local literacy projects, Asian immigrants' rights, and the anti-war movement; she helped found the Cornell University Forum for Justice and Peace.


David Green ( davegreen48[at]yahoo.com ) is an employee of the University of Illinois , Urbana-Champaign. He is a member of AWARE , the local Anti-war Anti-racism Effort, and is associated with Not In My Name , a Chicago-based group comprised mostly of Jews who are opposed to Israel 's occupation of Palestine .


Joe D. Madre is a second year graduate student at UIUC. Originally from California , he is utterly disgusted by the use of an American Indian mascot and the support it receives from the state of Illinois . Joe can be reached at joemadre[at]iresist.org To learn more please visit I Resist .


Kamayani Swami is a volunteer with Association for India's Development (AID) , Milwaukee chapter and is involved with the Bhopal Campaign.


Louis Proyect is a computer programmer at Columbia University and moderates the Marxism mailing list at www.marxmail.org .


Madiha R. Tahir is a graduate student in Near Eastern Studies at New York University. She is also an anti-war activist working in the struggles for Palestinian human rights and immigrants' rights. During her undergraduate years, Madiha studied in the MEALAC department which is at the center of the controversy at Columbia.


Raja Swamy is a graduate student in anthropology at the University of Texas , Austin and a contributor to the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate .


Ra Ravishankar is a graduate student in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois , Urbana-Champaign and a contributor to the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate .


Ryan Bodanyi is the Student Coordinator for the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB), and coordinates the student network, Students for Bhopal .